Tuesday, August 5, 2014

US 95th Infantry and the Indian 4th Division

This was a 2 vs. 2 battle in the river section with Justin's Herman Goering troops and Pete's Falshirmjaegers against the US 95th Infantry and the Indian 4th Division. The mission we rolled up was a 'Pincer' with the Germans defending one half of the board and the Allies advancing from the other. The Axis would try to hold down their objectives (one in a farm courtyard and the other by a rocky salient) until their delayed reserves could relieve them.

The Gurkhas elected to attack at night, giving them an advantage in moving towards their objective but hindering the effectiveness of their mortar support. The Herman Goerings took up prepared positions covering the farmhouse objective supported by heavy machine guns while the Fallshirmjaegers dug in around the edge of a small wood and waited for the attack. The US Infantry advanced up the flank and took up positions covering the Herman Goering and brought their mortars to bear on the German Paratroopers entrenched in the woodland.

With the Germans pinned by American mortars the gurkhas charged in to assault. In the bloody nightfighting they were able to push the Germans off the objective. Their second platoon followed close behind along with the American rifles but found themselves harassed by snipers along the way. The gukhas were continued to press the assaul,t calling off board mortars and artillery onto the enemy but they were eventually pushed back and lost the objective. The assault had cost two platoons of Indian rifleman and had nearly wiped out the falshirmjaeger force when they were saved by their reserves entering the battlefield. When the Gurkhas lost their commander in the hand to hand fighting they fled the battlefield, leaving the Americans alone to complete the attack.

The American light machine guns found a position on the edge of a copse and lay down covering fire while their infantry advanced on one side of the battlefield while their other platoon filled the gap left be the retreating Indians. As dawn broke the remaining Falshirmjaeger reserves joined the fight and the bloody fighting over the objective continued. Eventually the Allies were pushed back to their side and the battle was concluded.

AXIS victory.

The Sarge vs Deiter Grubber

Fighting Withdrawl

The Sarge set up against some advancing Herman Goering infantry. Having to defend 3 objectives he spread out across the whole terrain with 3 squads, some mortars and some LMGS in ambush. The German left flank advanced in open terrain. The sarge used his ambush. The LMG teams appeared from behind the small hill and road and mowed down the German platoon.

On the right flank the German platoon advanced into the wood killed the US sniper and approached the objective. Repeated US para off board  bombardments failed to shift the enemy. The Sarge doubled timed the platoon over from the left flank to help contest the objective.

Finally the objective was removed as the game continued leaving the Germans with too few men to move onto a new objective.

Allies win!

The left flank

The center
The right flank

The Sarge springs his ambush on the advancing
 left flank

US sniper is discovered on the right and 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Sarge vs UnteroffizierVon Schnitzel

"American parachutists...devils in baggy pants...are less than 100 meters from my outpost line. I can't sleep at night; they pop up from nowhere and we never know when or how they will strike next. Seems like the black-hearted devils are everywhere..."
Taken from the following entry found in the diary of a German officer killed at Anzio.

No Retreat (700pts)
The Sarge and one platoon found themselves  surrounded in the mountains facing a German Infantry counterattack with air support. The Sarge deployed his single platoon spread out across the mountain range. He held back a platoon of LMG in ambush.
The Germans advanced with two platoons on both flanks.The Me 109(proxy Stuka) dived in trying to find targets amongst the dug in paras. The platoon on the left advanced using double time straight into the Sarges ambush. Caught in the open with no cover the platoon was wiped out. The German platoon advanced on the right but were pushed back.

Allies Victory!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend 5

Game 1: First Infantriedivision vs. 92nd Infantry Division

The first battle started on a table set for a 'Surrounded' mission in the mountains of Italy. The US 92nd Infantry Division deployed as the attacker with their new 700-point force reinforced with 81mm and chemical mortar platoons. The German First Infantriedivision had called in Bf 109E (Stuka proxy) air support for the game -- bad news with no Allied anti-aircraft defenses available. The "Surrounded' mission was going to be a new experience for both sides.

The US started the game with just one rifle platoon in a wood on one end of the field with all other platoons - two rifle platoons, a MG/mortar weapons platoon and the new 81mm and chemical mortars - stacked up on the other side, snuggling behind woods and other rocky cover where they could. The Germans protected the two objectives in the middle of the table by taking full advantage of the larger mountainous cover dominating the center. With two rifle/MG Grenadier platoons and a HMG platoon in prepared positions, plus a sniper camped out in some woods and the 109 potentially buzzing over head, the smaller German force was going to be a formidable foe for the less-experienced US troops.

In the first turn, the bulk of the US force needed to push into the open to get into firing range of the Germans but to no initial effect. The lone rifle platoon at the opoposite end of the table was able to take greater advantage of woods for cover, and they began to make their push toward a Grenadier platoon atop one mounatin outcrop. The Germans called in their special mortar ability earned in turn one of the campaign and immediately eliminated some of the weapons platoon sitting out in the open. The 109 also rolled onto the table, hitting the rifle platoon pressing forward on the US right.

By turn two, the US unpinned after receiving heavy direct and sniper fire in the first turn and kept on the move. The first rifle platoon continued its climb into the mountains and firing into the Grenadiers to minimal effect. US mortars delivered direct and bombarded fire, but only managed to briefly pin one German platoon which had no plans on moving from its defensive position. Combined German HMG and Grenadier fire at close range tore up much of the US line, causing the 81mm and weapons platoons to flee the field after failed morale checks. Another run from the 109 ripped into more of the advancing rfiles, weaking the advance signifcantly.

The quick and bloody battle (including the death of the commanding Lt. Daniel McFeeley) ended by turn three after a firefight in the mountains chased the strongest surviving US rifle platoon off the table, and more withering combined arms fire from the German positions eliminated all but a couple US survivors while the Germans won the day only losing one squad.

Axis Victory!

(Allies - 1 point; Axis - 4 points)

Game 2: First Infantriedivision vs. 92nd Infantry Division

In our second engagement, we rolled a 'Hold The Line' mission on the same table. Both armies had met for this mission before, and the US choose (disastrously) to play as the attackers with half their forces in delayed reserve. The Germans again deployed into the well-protected cover of the mountains, including a sniper poised to hold down the middle of the table.

This time the US was able to take greater advantage of cover with a rifle platoon in a wood and the MG/mortar weapons platoon in the mountains. The chemical mortar platoon sat at the rear hoping to keep the Germans pinned down until US reserves could begin their possible arrival in turn three. The Germans began with their full force on the table, and all they needed was to keep pushing to the objective which lay dead ahead.

The game began with one German Grenadier platoon creeping along a rocky ridge to their right and the majority of their force moving across the top of the large mountain in the center. The Stuka rained fire down on the US weapons platoon, eliminating the smaller mortars in one go. The German sniper pinned the remainder of the platoon but it was able to rally and shoot down into the advancing Grenadiers.

On the second turn, the Germans focused all their fire in the center on the US spotter calling in mortar fire from the rear. Miraculously, the spotter survived fistfuls of dice and was able to call in a pinning bombardment on the German center. The 109 continued to work at wrecking the US weapons platoon, but its surviving machine guns were able to further hamper the German advance at the left by taking out more of the Grenadier squad.

US reserves didn't arrive in turn three (something the 92nd Inf. Div. experienced a lot in Italy during the actual war). The weapons platoon was blown out of the mounatins by the 109, and the second in command fled to cover a rear objective from the surviving Grenadier platoon at the left. The other US rifle platon shifted back to awoods to cover the objective at the center of the field, and another mortar bombardment pinned the German push at the middle briefly. Finally, US rifle reserves arrived in turn four and made a move at the double toward the objective. The quick-moving Americans exposed themselves to horrendous fire, killing half the new arrivals and pinning them in place. In the meantime, the centrally-located German force made a move to the objective, assaulted the US rifles in the woods and chased the platoon off.

Turn five arrived with more US rifles set to enter the fray, but no amount of movement or fire from the survivors could beat the German tide back from the objective they had already controlled.

Axis Victory!

(Allies - 3 points; Axis - 4 points)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Turn Two Begins!

Reinforcements arrive and the lists go up to 700pts

The score so far-

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blue on Blue

Gurkhas vs ANZACs

Will & Michael played the 'hold the line' mission as a blue on blue (we decided it was an inter-regiment wargame being played as a training exercise - with a botle of Champagne going to the victor!) We rolled off to see who was playing as Axis and who would attack. Will would play as 'Fritz' and I would be attacking him. This looked like a hard fight for the ANZACs. Although they were in prepared positions they had delayed reserves and any one platoon on the table. They spread out across their back line covering both objectives and dug in tight. The Gurkhas had both platoons on the table and elected to attack on each flank, attempting to catch the defending troops in a pincer. They used the night effectively, creeping up to positions near the central farmhouse when the ANZAC commander spotted them and called in his off-map mortars. This sudden attack pinned the 2nd platoon and they couldn't get themselves back into order. The ANZACs had managed to stall the Indians for long enough for their reinforcements to arrive and add their firepower to the defenses. Gupta Singh tried to sally forth the attack and move across the battlefield through the farmhouse but it was too little, too late. A late assault from an under strength 2nd Platoon managed to push back the defenders, removing them from one of the objectives but the ANZACs quickly filled the gaps and eventually the Indians were forced to surrender. Singh and Smith toasted to their troops with Smith's hard won victory Champers!

The Kiwis Arrive!

Game 1 
Mission: FIghting Withdraw
Attacker: New Zealand 2nd Division with Nayland Smith (Confident/Veterans) 2 exp earned.
Defender: Hermann Goering Panzergrenadierkompanie with Dieter Grüber (Confident/Veterans) 4 exp. earned.

Axis victory.

Game 2 
Mission: FIghting Withdraw
Attacker:  Hermann Goering Panzergrenadierkompanie with Dieter Grüber (Confident/Veterans) 2 exp. earned.
Defender New Zealand 2nd Division with Nayland Smith (Confident/Veterans) 4 exp earned.

Allies victory.